Royal Stainless Steel Containers - Stainless Steel Standard, Airtight and Leak proof Proof Containers:

Royal Stainless Steel Containers manufactures stainless steel containers for various domestic and industrial requirements. The R&D department of Royal Stainless Steel has developed many innovative products including stainless steel standard, airtight and leak proof containers. The products of the company comply with national and international standards such as GMP, WHO, USFDA, etc.

Established and promoted by Mr Dhirubhai Gathani in 1998 in Mumbai, India, RSSC is a group of three companies involved in the manufacture of industrial and domestic Stainless Steel (SS) products including SS containers, SS pipes, copper filter, various domestic utensils, etc.
With more than 35 years of experience in the stainless steel field, including SS raw material imports, melting, re-rolling, bulk manufacturing and marketing of SS utensils, the company has a strong presence in the domestic market

Airtight / Leak Proof Containers:

The airtight / leak proof containers are useful for storing and transferring liquids, solvents, bulk drugs, formulations, etc. We provide silicon-based rubber gaskets inside the lids. The airtight / leak proof containers prevent any kind of contamination to the contents and also preserve the same for a considerable period of time.

The airtight / leak proof containers also prevent any kind of evaporation. Along with the airtight / leak proof containers, six specially designed locks for locking and unlocking the lid will be provided. Once it is locked the container becomes airtight and leak proof.
The airtight / leak proof containers are available in two types in SS 304 and 316 grades. The standard sizes available are 100L, 50L, 20L and 15L.

Standard Containers:
The standard containers are generally used for storing and transferring materials. Sturdy handles and the unique design of the standard containers make them easy to handle. Standard containers are made in SS 304 and SS 316 grades. Standard container capacities are 100L, 50L, 20L and 15L.

Solvent Dispensing Airtight Containers:
Compressed air is used for easy and safe dispensing of solvents and other easily evaporating liquids. The solvent dispensing airtight container has two nozzles, one as an inlet for air and the second nozzle for the outflow of liquid. For safety purposes we also provide an air safety valve. The solvent dispensing airtight containers are available in 100L and 50L capacities in SS 316 grade.

Stainless Steel Dustbin (Revolving LID):
The stainless steel dustbin comes with a revolving lid and the central portion of the lid revolves 90°. The stainless steel dustbin with a revolving lid is designed and developed keeping two aspects in view – performance and elegant look. The stainless steel dustbins are useful in keeping the surroundings clean. Pharma companies use these dustbins to keep aprons and other articles in changeover rooms. Many bottling plants and organisations use these dustbins. The stainless steel dustbins are available in the standard size of 100L.
Standard dustbins and blue ring dustbins are available in 100L, 50L and 20L capacities.

Trolleys are available in two different grades: SS 316 and SS 304. Our trolleys are specially designed for our containers and dustbins.